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Location                               North Island, Seychelles
Type of contract                   6 months contract on voluntary basis
Start date                             December 2017
Status                                   Full Time
Contact Name                       General Manager
Telephone                            +248 4288829
Email                                    office@gif.sc
Website                                https://greenislandsfoundation.blogspot.com/

North Island is a high end luxury island resort in Seychelles which is recognized internationally as a model of sustainable development and ecotourism. In the past the island was considered one of the most degraded of the granitic inner islands due to its long history with people and introduced species. Upon purchasing the island, North Island the has implemented an active rehabilitation programme called the Noah’s Ark Concept whereby vast areas of the island have been rehabilitated, removing invasive flora species and replanting with indigenous trees and bushes which are cultivated in the island’s nursery. Invasive species such as rats, cats and barn owls have been eradicated, which has led to the establishment of 2 nesting seabird colonies on the island. The resulting forest on North Island was considered to represent habitat suitable for some of Seychelles’ endemic bird species that were vulnerable to extinction, like the endemic white-eye (Zosterops modestus) that has been translocated in 2005. The Green Islands Foundation (GIF) has been partnering with North Island since 2010 and has assisted in furthering the rehabilitation efforts, implementing marine monitoring protocols and starting the eradication of the common myna bird from the island.
Studies give indication that common myna, one of the globally top 100 most invasive species, interferes with nesting endemic birds, predates on endemic bird chicks and eggs and attacks adults causing them serious wounds. Research conducted in Denis Island has shown that endemic birds’ populations have increased after successful completion of the GIF eradication project, indicating that the removal of mynas is essential for small islands wildlife conservation and it will be an important component of the environmental restoration programme in North Island.
The Common Myna Eradication Officer will be working together with the North Island environment staff as well as GIF Project Manager, and will be reporting to GIF Project Manager and North Island Environment Manager.
Participating in this project will give the successful applicant the opportunity to work together with experienced conservation staff and researchers and give hands-on experience and training in bird handling and dissecting methods and invasive alien species management which is becoming increasingly important globally. This project will also give you access to a large network of local and global conservationists, proven experience in both project management and creatively overcoming problems in a low-tech environment. If you’re looking for a career in small island conservation or invasive species management, this project will give you a head start. 

Applicant requirements

  •      Proven ability to live and work in a remote location for an extended period of time
  •      Ability to communicate and report in English
  •      Be resourceful, creative, hard working, solution driven, focused and team oriented
  • ·    Experience with hands on conservation projects (preferable)
  •      BSc or MSc in environment, conservation, or related sciences (preferable)

Key responsibilities

  •     Implementing the eradication plan as stipulated by eradication expert and team leader and testing new methodologies as necessary
  •      Trapping and culling common mynas
  •      Data collection and processing in database
  •      Taking standardized measurements and bird dissection
  •      Closely liaise with staff involved in the eradication, whilst on the island
  •      Ensure capture of and caring for decoy mynas on North Island
  •      Observe and document behavior and movements of mynas on the island
  •      Function as ‘spotter’ for myna hunter (during shooting phase only)
  •      Conduct island-wide surveys to determine presence of and number of birds present
  •     Ensure weekly reporting of progress to the GIF general manager
  •     Provide detailed final report before end of contract

Green Islands Foundation and North Island will provide the successful applicant with:

  •     A return trip to North Island from Mahé, Seychelles upon successful completion of contract
  •     Accommodation and full board while on North Island
  •     Accommodation while awaiting travel from Mahé to North Island
  •  Administrative costs of a Seychelles Gainful Occupation Permit (this excludes any medical investigations)

Please email the General Manager at office@gif.sc with your CV and cover letter

If you have any questions about this role, please do not hesitate to contact email above or phone: 00248-4288829

Applications including a cover letter and full CV should be sent to

The General Manager

Green Islands Foundation
P.O.Box 246, Victoria. Telephone: 4288829