Monday, 29 February 2016

North Island- A Life Changer

The elusive White-Eye
So here I am with no real experience in conservation, just an inner child and a dream.  But after a month on North Island I can safely say this is truly paradise and the dream comes true.

I don’t watch TV or need the mobile, life has changed for me.  I get up with the sun, learn new things and appreciate the simple things in life.  I go to bed when I'm tired, eat when I'm hungry and can't sleep for smiling.  Its just called happy.

Weighing in the baby Giant Tortoises
 I worked my rest day today because it`s actually kind of difficult to spot the difference between rest days and working days when you are having so much fun.  For me North Island has it all and being close to nature has rekindled old flames for wildlife and mother earth. It puts a new perspective on life and given me a fresh direction.  Good for the soul. 

After 4 weeks I am still finding & learning new things on a daily basis – we weighed the baby tortoises this week, we found a cute White-Tailed Tropicbird chick, a Blue Pigeon nest, rescued a tiny Moorhen from the road, spotted the Kestrel and after searching all month for the elusive White-Eye actually found a nest right in the middle of the staff village. 

Finding Hawksbill Turtles on the beach is still as exciting as day one and we have had many opportunities to watch & measure them.  I was also honoured this week to swim with rays and a baby Green Sea Turtle, so graceful and a wonderful encounter whilst snorkeling.

The cutest thing – White-Tailed Tropic Bird chick
I am going to miss ‘North’ so much, thank you North Island for making me feel twenty years younger.  A special big thank you to Elliott for all your hard work and time spent with the volunteers, such an inspiration and an integral part of the island.

 Its been a pleasure and a privilege, sorry to be leaving.

A Hawksbill Turtle laying her eggs

Jeremy from England

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