Saturday, 18 July 2015

Shark event at Cap Ternay

Group photo with PGEC, GIF and GVI
The Green Islands Foundation (GIF) together with Global Vision International (GVI) hosted a shark education campaign on 12th July 2015 with the children from the Port Glaud Environment Club (PGEC). The event took place at the GVI base at Cap Ternay and Port Launay beach.

Children playing the food chain game
In the morning GVI volunteers and staff addressed several shark related topics through different games and demonstrations. Children were taught about different shark species; their characteristics, feeding habits and where they can be found in Seychelles. The food chain game showed children what would happen if sharks disappear in the ocean! The 'match the shark with its tail' activity demonstrated how sharks have evolved and adapted differently. GIF staff tested their knowledge with a true or false quiz through the 'Shark and Rays' game.

This was followed by a trip to the mangroves to show the children the habitat where baby sharks are born for example the lemon shark pups. Mangroves provide a safe place for the pups to grow, as well as good foraging opportunities.

Match the shark with its tail

Children being shown on the map where sharks can be found in Seychelles
After lunch, the group moved to Port Launay beach to enjoy a reef guided snorkelling activity. However, due to bad weather and poor visibility the snorkelling activity could not take place. The event was nevertheless a great way to celebrate shark week. The children discovered some fun facts about sharks and their importance in the ocean.

The shark education campaigns are funded by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme and the Environment Trust Fund. It is also part of the awareness campaign for the ‘Shark Fin Soup’ project run by the Fishermen and Boat Owner’s Association supported by the FAO through the Indian Ocean Commission SmartFish Programme funded by the European Union.

Mangroves are important shark nurseries

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