Saturday, 4 July 2015

GIF at the National Expo 2015

GIF team at the National show
Last weekend Green Islands Foundation (GIF) participated in the National Expo 2015. If you passed by the Ecovillage then you surely did not miss the vibrant displays and exciting games we prepared for the event. From the 27th -29th June 2015, all of Seychelles got the opportunity to meet the GIF team, learn about GIF’s role and some of our past and present conservation projects.

A future myna hunter
To showcase the ‘Myna Eradication’ project on Denis Island, we displayed one of the myna decoy traps we used and showed the Myna eradication video. The children got the chance to take a picture in the famous camouflage suit the hunter used to shoot down the last few mynas on the island.

To display the ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity’ project, which aims to involve private business in conservation through outreach and hands in the field, we showed people the endemic landbirds that were translocated to Denis Island and also broadcasted a video explaining how Denis Island, together with GIF, try to make the island a global example of sustainability.

We took the opportunity to generate awareness on sharks and their importance in the ocean as part of our shark national awareness project funded by UNDP-GEF-SGP and ETF. Children got colorful shark tattoos and participated in our shark teeth guessing game.

Sharks are jawsome!

Children getting Shark tattoos

Our Wheel of Fortune provided the perfect platform to explain why we do conservation and how we have carried out our projects. Several contestants landed directly on the star prize! After the three days, we picked out one lucky winner; Pervin Marguerite from Baie Lazare Primary School won an excursion for two sponsored by Mason’s Travel. Pervin will get the chance to experience either a ‘reef safari’ or ‘peaks of paradise’ and enjoy the environment of Seychelles.

Trying to win the star prize on the Wheel of Fortune
A big thank you goes out to the Ministry of Environment and Energy and Climate Change who organized the Ecovillage and invited us to join with the other environmental NGO’s. Thank you to the volunteers who gave a helping hand, to all the participants who visited the GIF tent, and to Mason’s Travel for sponsoring the prizes. 

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