Wednesday, 22 April 2015

GIF brings some shark fun to Earth Day Festival 2015

If you were at the Earth Day Festival on Port Glaud beach last weekend, then you surely did not miss all the Shark fun at the GIF tent! Maybe you enjoyed making your own shark hat and/or you got a delicious shark cupcake. 

Held on Sunday 19th April 2015, the outreach activity to celebrate Earth Day 2015 was organized by the NGO Sustainability For Seychelles (S4S) in partnership with the Port Glaud Environment Club (PGEC).

Under the theme “It’s Our Turn to Lead,” the aim of the event  was to sensitize the community to protect, appreciate and respect the Earth through various activities. The day entailed many educational games and activities like mangrove safari, kayak tour, snorkeling and performances by Port Glaud cultural clubs.

With the GIF team, the kids got the chance to colour, cut and make their own shark hats and decoration for their cupcakes. These two activities were inspired from the Save Our Seas Shark packet. 

The public was also encouraged to leave a little message to the sharks: "You are important firth predators, we need you in the ocean!", "Sharks are jawsome! We need sharks", "Sharks N°1 sea creature!", ''Protect our sharks to maintain a healthy ocean!"

The aim of our activity was to create awareness on this keystone species and its importance in our oceans. We even got the chance to be interviewed by the local TV station SBC and spread the message further! The video is available on Youtube at

Various other environmental organizations participated like the Conservation Unit team from the Ministry of Environment, Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA), Global Vision International (GVI), Plant Conservation Action group (PCA), and Island Conservation Society (ICS), etc. The day ended with performances by guest artists and concluded with a Moutia.

GIF would like to thank S4S and PGEC for this successful event. Don't miss out next year, the GIF team will surely be back! 

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