Friday, 21 November 2014

"Denis Private Island: A sustainability success story" video now on YouTube

The video showcasing Denis Island's conservation efforts is now available for viewing on YouTube.  This 30 minutes video depicts the key aspects pertaining to national conservation programmes ongoing on the island, illustrating the island life and how it is incorporated in biodiversity conservation on a daily basis, the island’s biodiversity and the ongoing conservation programmes on the island. The creation of this video falls within the Tourism project which aims to enhance the island’s conservation efforts through increased environmental education awareness and sustainable conservation management measures.

Denis Island is at the forefront in terms of biodiversity conservation and management, following the island’s rehabilitation programme since early 2000. The island has undergone massive ecological shift, from eradication of felines and rodents early in 2000, to rehabilitation of broadleaved woodland forest, to the introduction of four endemic bird species. All these efforts have been both physically and financially demanding and have amassed a wide range of audience, from locals to foreigners alike. These efforts have not gone unnoticed and often require wider information dissemination to further promote other conservation initiatives. The project aims to enhance the knowledge through information sharing in the form of visual aids, grey literature in the form of booklet, pamphlet and posters and also through the interactive video which showcases conservation management from a small island perspective as well as establish ecological baselines for future management interventions.

To watch the Denis Private Island: A sustainability success story, click on the following links for PART 1 and PART 2 . Happy viewing! 

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