Thursday, 31 July 2014

What is GIF?

The Green Islands Foundation is a Seychelles registered NGO dedicated to the mainstreaming of sustainable development. Established on 11th April 2006, GIF aims to establish equilibrium and potential synergies of development and environment at the core of its operations and seeks, as its main activity, to bridge the gap between the private sector and national environmental programmes.
The GIF Mission Statement is:
“To Promote the Mainstreaming of Sustainable Development”
a) To develop, implement, foster and promote management models that harmonise development with the needs and tolerances of environmental systems.
b) To promote sound development practices.
c) To harness revenue from economic sectors to further environmental goals.
d) To manage the environment so as to enhance the scope of and options for sustainable development.
e) To integrate biodiversity concerns into land and sea use regimes.
f) To further the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity (at all three levels, ecosystem, species and genetic).
g) To raise/access funds and develop strategic partnerships to advance the objectives above.
The logo designed by Mr. Aubrey Adeline depicts GIF’s modus operandi: mainstreaming sustainable development, which can be in all aspects, from life itself in the form of a green leaf captured in the logo, to island management as well as to the marine (blue colour) and terrestrial ecosystems (green colour).

For more information on the projects and activities of GIF, feel free to check out our current blog here at: or our previous endeavours at

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